Mercury Bravo X

The new Mercruiser Bravo X is standard on all Mercury diesel engine packages. Features include a redesigned top cover and steel lower bearing tower, new near net forged upper gears with heavier floors, new stub shaft, heavier bearings, new clutch, heavier input yoke, heavier U joints, new retainer nut system and  new vertical drive shaft.

It is rated for 525 Ft Lbs of torque. 

This drive has the same upper components as a Bravo XZ except for a stock propeller shaft. As most Bravo failures occur in the upper this drive is a good value

New style swept back Bravo X Drive $6995

New Bravo X upper only  $5495

We do have a few remaining old style X drives, $6895 subject to prior sale.

Call us at 954 545 8681 to order stern drives


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