How we build them
Digital Transmission Dyno
Borg Warner Velvet Drive
Dry Sump
Cyborg Customers

Used by the best in the world!
bulletRated to 1500 Horsepower , 1400 ft lbs
bulletFor Hi-Performance and competition use
bullet11 Hi Coefficient Clutch Plates, Billet center hub
bullet270 degree windage tray for fluid control
bulletReduced operating temperature and power loss
bulletBorg Warner / Velvet Drive / Huber compatible /upgrade/ replacement
bulletAvailable for TRS, #III, IV, V, VI, VII   plug in and drive line style
bullet1 Year no questions asked Warranty !
We have been building high performance transmissions for over 20 years. As engine power has increased, we have continued to develop new parts and modifications to keep up with these increases. When we started, if you had 600 Horsepower you were absolutely "King of the hill". Today the magic number is twice that! The latest tool in our arsenal is our one of a kind digitally controlled transmission dyno. We now test all our transmissions at full operating temperature, starting at 200 rpm and ending with 6000 rpm. We measure and certify line pressure, temperature and parasitic drag. This new technology lets us qualify each unit to leave our shop, and allows us to offer our NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty.
bulletAlso, 9 Plate Cyborg 900 for up to 850 HP
bulletCyborg TRS for 71c TRS transmissions
bulletCyborg Junior (71C) for Ski boats