bulletDRASTICALLY Reduced operating temperature
bulletDRASTICALLY Reduced parasitic loss
bulletEnhanced reliability
bulletUsed by the fastest offshore boat in the world!

With the success of dry sump drives, and almost universal use of dry sump oiling in all forms of  motor sports it became obvious to us that a dry sump transmission was the next logical step. By separating the lubricating oil from rapidly moving parts, dry-sump has been proven to increase prop shaft horsepower, increase boat speed, reduce temperature and extend operating life. Testing on our digital transmission dyno confirmed an additional 36% reduction in parasitic loss (at 6500 RPM) over the %38 improvement provided by our regular CYBORG. The most extreme application to date has been the 4 engine Nor-tech cat "Warbird". Two engines on each side are coupled together through 1 CYBORG Dry Sump and a Mercury #6 drive, 1700 Horsepower per transmission!