Bobtail SternDrive Engine

Engine Terminology

Longblock Assembled short block & heads. Usually includes "tin" - oil pan, timing cover and valve covers
Bobtail Complete running engine, includes fuel system (carburetor or EFI), starter, alternator, flywheel, flywheel housing, exhaust manifolds, mounts and power steering pump and hoses (V6, V8 only). Ready to run and install. No SternDrive, transom assembly or transmission included. No exhaust hoses, exhaust Y pipe or connector elbows.
Complete Package This is a complete engine package, just as a boat builder would buy to install in a naked hull. Includes bobtail as above, and also SternDrive or transmission, transom assembly, power steering, trim pump, exhaust Y pipe, elbows and hoses (SternDrive only)
Short block Assembled block, crank, pistons, cam. 

Please note that people interpret these terms differently, this is the interpretation we use.

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