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The latest Mercury Bravo 2002 model drives, serial number 0M10----- and above have an improved upper gear set with thicker floors and heavy duty thrust bearings. These gears are available to upgrade earlier drives. See the details at the left. This is the same gear set (aside from the input shaft) used on the X and XZ drives.

In 2006 Mercury redesigned the Bravo upper gear housing. We call it the swept-back housing. The new housing is more rigid and has improved & quieter shift characteristics.

In addition to the Bravo I, II and III the X, XZ and XR drives are all in stock.

Ask us about the new Mercury Racing integrated transom system.

See the links on the left for SternDrive pricing and other info.

Bravo Comparison Chart


Standard drive, Pre 0M

Standard drive, after 0M X XZ XR XR After 0W240000
Redesigned upper driveshaft  housing , serial 0W250000 & up     X   X X
Steel bearing tower in upper gear housing     X X X X
Steel bearing tower in reinforced drive top cap           X
Near net forged upper gears, thicker gear floor   X X X    
Fully Net forged upper gears         X  
HD U-joint and gear input shaft     X X X  
1" vertical shaft X          
1 1/4 vertical shaft   X X X X  
Standard prop shaft & bearing carrier   X X      
1 3/8 Prop shaft & billet bearing carrier       X X  
Net forged lower gears X X X X X  








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