The Second Time


Engines out 

December 2000 

Tanks out

January 2001

Cockpit stripped

January 2001

Transom stripped

January 2001

Extension laid out, deck cut

September 2001


Plug for the extension is finished, now we will wax it up and make a mold. I added a kick-up in the deck so the exhausts will have someplace to exit. The 14" extra inches will help un-crowd the engine compartment.

October 2001


The point of no return. There is no going back now. The mold was made off the plug, we will  start laying up the extension soon. The stringers are out, 30 years worth of haphazard repairs have been removed.

Jan 2002

The new extension is layed up, next we will splice it to the boat and put new stringers in.

This is not happening fast

February 2002





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